Posted Make Tracking More Easy

By Gavin | October 29, 2019

For postalexperience com pos scan code and I always like to order stuff on eBay and Amazon and order my stuff online basically, and I've always had a hard time trying to keep track of all the UPS and USPS tracking numbers. I've found this application called posted, it's made by Lee Anne Robinson, it's a very nice application that will work on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. I'm running an iPad 2 here.


The tracking apps called posted for postalexperience com pos scan code

This is an iPhone and iPod native applications, if you're going to run it on your iPad, you would have to run it in the 2x simulator mode, which works just as fine now, just a side note. I've had experiences with other tracking apps before, and none of them met my requirements as far as this application does.

You can get on the App Store, that's called posted, and it's I believe it's 99 cents or a dollar 99, I forgot. How was the price, I paid on it, it is not a free application, but you can purchase it, and here it also has a lite version. I guess it's that lite version is the free version, but if you do like it please go ahead and buy it. It's worth every penny. Anyways let me show you how it works.

It's my tools dude, turn it this way, and as you can see, I've been using it to track my mini tripod, which is here. It's a very nice little piece of device, and I've been using it to track my Verizon Wi-Fi, which is also a very useful tool.

How posted works

It tracks well over I guess thousands of services, you can go anywhere from sweetens postage service to China, I get a lot of my stuff through eBay and a lot of them come from Hong Kong post, hat's quite useful, and of course the United States and the only downside to this is a lot of these I've never really heard of.

I mean I heard of DHL, but that's more like international thing, but one thing they can improve maybe makes you know the most common three, FedEx, UPS, USPS on top. I don't have to scroll with that one every time, but anyways to add a delivery, it's really easy.

It's like three steps. You click on add delivery USA and see I get something from USPS today. All I have to do is type in the description, you can type in whatever you want, it serves as a little memo for you, and you can type in the tracking number, now there is a scan barcode thing which utilizes my rear camera, but I haven't tried that out yet.

I'm not sure how that works, but it's a very simple procedure, and here in the more section they have, you can't look at that yourself later, it's very simple. You click on the thing you're tracking, and it shows you the latest information, where it's shipped from and at what time exactly is a process through a different facility, and when is it here.

Send you to push notification

You can also view the map of the current location, which should be my house or maybe not, it's just this map of my city or the city where the item is. One thing that other applications don't have is that this application also sends you to push notification, so whatever something is updated on your or your tracked item, it sends you a push notification.

That's useful when I'm going to class or something because I'm always interested in where my stuff is and it saves me a lot of trouble because I used to have to load up Safari and go to the USPS website on different sorts of items. I have a lot of items coming on the same day, I just got tired of doing that.

This keeps all of your trackings in one place, and it notifies you in a very easy manner.