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By Gavin | December 14, 2020

This time, let's talk about the Postal Experience survey. The is an online feedback program provided by USPS, in which postal customers can provide valuable feedback on the quality of service received when using USPS.



When we use USPS for mail or express, we will feel more or less about this time service. Or feel that the delivery is very fast, or the communication is effective, or the delivery is prolonged. Have a good feeling or a bad feeling for it. Just as it happens, USPS provides a feedback answer system online.

As you feel, say what you feel. That is to say ustomers can conduct surveys to inform the USPS of the quality of service they accept, and the USPS can take corresponding actions based on our feedback.

Anyone who has used USPS can participate in the post experience survey to assess their company services received in the use of USPS services. So, anytime you can do the post experience survey. Moreover you can check the from main articles.

Postalexperience.Com/Pos Survey Details

Survey WebsiteWww.Postalexperience.Com/Pos
Survey NameU.S. Postal Service Customer Experience
Purchase NecessaryYes
Entry ModeOnline
Age Limit18+
Survey PrizeGift Coupon
LocationAny local post office of USA

How To Take The USPS Postal Experience Survey

Have the Postal Experience survey is very simple.  Therefore it only takes a few minutes. So you can easily provide valuable feedback to the USPS.

  1. Please visit the official website of USPS

  2. After the website loads, choose your preferred language, English or Spanish.

  3. Enter the zip code printed at the top of the receipt.

  4. Select your USPS hub from the list provided.

  5. Now enter the date you purchased the service from USPS. If you don't remember, you can find it on the receipt.

  6. Now, we will provide you with a different set of questions. Answer each question according to your satisfaction.

  7. After answering all the questions, you will receive a 'Thank You' message, which is the end of the USPS postal experience survey.