Logistics Tracking Of USPS Status

By Gavin | November 07, 2022

US Mail delivery truck in front of an office building.


1.no record -- shipping label: just hit shortly, the post office has not yet received the postal information (usually within a day are normal), otherwise the tracking number is invalid.

Electronic Shipping Info Received--shipping label: played, the post office has received postal information, the package may not necessarily to the post office, may not be packed.

3.Acceptance : The post office received the parcel in kind.

4.Processed through Sort Facility: sorting, the post office received the parcels to be sent to various places, this time to sort.

5.Arrival at Post Office: The parcel arrives at the local post office of the receiving address.

6. Delivered: Arrived.

7. notice left: When the letter carrier delivers the parcel, no one receives it or there is no mailbox to store it, the parcel will be brought back to the local post office for 10 days, and the customer can take the parcel to the post office within 10 days with the notice (or other documents that can prove the parcel is his).

8.Sorting Complete: Sorting complete.

9.Out for Delivery or Available at PO Box: being delivered or available at the post office mailbox, generally the next status is delivered.

10.Undeliverable as Addressed: The address given is undeliverable.

11. Insufficient Address: Invalid address.

12.International Dispatch: International dispatch, sent to other countries.

13. Out of Foreign Customs: Foreign customs release.

14.Arrived Abroad: Arrived at the recipient's country.

15.Into Foreign Customs: Entering foreign customs, inspection.

16.Forwarded: Forwarding, when the address or zip code on the label is wrong but the post office can determine the correct address, the post office will forward to the correct address.

17. Delivery status not updated: not updated delivery status, a few days later may be delivered.

Vacant: address blank can not be delivered, returned to sender.(generally will not be the whole address blank, should be part of the address did not hit the label, no way to deliver)

19.Moved, Left no Address: The mailman found that the recipient moved and did not leave a forwarding address, will be returned to the sender.

20.Arrival at Pick-Up-Point: This state generally does not require the customer to go to the post office to pick up the parcel, the final will still be delivered, the process may take about a week, if the customer is more urgent, let him ask the local post office should also be able to get the parcel. (temporary solution, not yet very well understood)

21.No Such Number: The customer's address in the wrong door number, can not be delivered, the parcel will be returned.