Postal Service Center

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

Postal Service Center

Well, the building stayed the same but the mail has increased. We originally only bought that like Charleston in Charleston area and Gassaway area and within the last. I would say seven years, we now not only process their mail.

We process, Ashland and Pikeville Kentucky areas, Bluefield West, buco Western and Bluth of Virginia and Grundy Tazewell area and we go as far north as a Clarksburg and Parkersburg here, projected to process over 140 million. From now, until Christmas a our two busiest days of the year. This year, every year plus a change. If the December 14 Monday, in December 21st, which apostle. We will actually process the system itself, will grow over nationwide two million people.

Now, packages on an average day, we during Christmas that almost double and we will protect it. Only process 10.5% more this year than we did last year and the trend is already showing over 20, 24% 24 to 26. But package services, that's, that's our market. Now and with you know, just cut for confidence line shopping Amazon Prime that's where Tim Hawkinson Mayo is nowadays.

So yes, we have in a decrease in letter and like flat volume and postcards sometimes what is our Express Mail on Christmas Day. If we especially, if it looks like a Christmas gift, we'll make the effort to go out and get it home.